A picture of the Switched team with Ed and Eddie.

Updated image with all 4 coming soon!

Out team is small, but mighty

Switched is made possible by a small team of 4 highly committed and passionate individuals. We are integral members of the kinky scene, working very hard to make Switched the new home for all kinksters everywhere.

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Switched values are: Simplicity, Community, Connections, Integrity, Diversity, Inclusion, Passion, Respect, Consent
Our values matter a lot to us

Our values are at the core of everything that we do at Switched. Did you know that we've written down our values before we event started working on Switched? This was done so that everything we did was from that point onwards would be in line with our values. They are: Simplicity, Community, Connections, Integrity, Diversity, Inclusion, Passion, Respect, Consent.

Screenshot of the Switched Core
We created Switched because it was needed

Apps for the kinky scene haven't seen innovation in over a decade. App are and look old and haven’t been updated in years. They have an old fashioned and limited view of kinks that don't let us create profiles that are a true representation of ourselves. We deserve better.

To make matters worse, kinksters started being banned on social media platforms such as X formerly known as Twitter and Instagram.

Switched solves all this by letting users create profiles with an at-a-glance visual representation of their many interests, a new matchmaking algorithm built for us kinksters, gorgeous galleries and discover interfaces, and a timeline for users to connect with others and join conversations. The app is modern, and feels like it belongs in today's day and age.

Demand for Switched has been incredible and far exceeded our expectations. And the feedback has been incredible.

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