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Finally: a modern app for gay kinksters today.

We started Switched™ back in 2020 during one of many lockdowns in the U.K. There wasn't a single place online where kinksters could express themselves, match with and date like-minded individuals while interacting as part of a growing community. That is until now.

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A better way

We wanted to break stereotypes and change how kinky people connect, socialise, and create lifelong experiences (and even find love!).

We've asked ourselves: what if we could combine a timeline like Twitter, with a visual experience like Instagram, with a never-seen-before matchmaking profile made to match like-minded kinky individuals?

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Our values matter a lot to us.

Our values resonate with the values of many. We've spoken to nearly 50 people along the way to learn more about their pains and what they would like to see next. You know who you are, and we love you for your incredible support.

Switched Company Values
Switched Company Values

We've worked hard to make it awesome.

We are only two dudes from London trying to change the dating world for kinksters. It's a big dream that requires a lot of effort and support, and it has taken many weekends to write over 400K+ lines of code, make 120+ unique designs, and work on three different versions of the app entirely written from scratch every time. It was tough, but we never gave up and are here now.

Switched is pretty awesome:

  • It has a beautiful profile with virtually infinite unique combinations of self-expression (and 'linked profiles' coming soon!);
  • A really cool picture gallery;
  • A timeline that users can post to and engage with (and 'videos' + 'community groups' coming soon!);
  • A fun discovery feature that recommends profiles
  • A modern messaging experience (and 'group messaging' coming soon!);
  • A proprietary matchmaking algorithm called the Switched Core that allows virtually infinite combinations,, no joke;
  • Diverse and inclusive options like Dad Bod, 'dom and sub' are different to 'top and bottom', foot and hand sizes, and so on;
  • And so much more!

We are excited for you to see what we've done and to be part of our story.

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