The Switched Podcast discusses topics related to our kinky scene, from exciting and fun, to controversial and sometimes difficult.

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Ep 4 - Interview with Board Member of Leather & Fetish Milano Club

During our time at the Leather & Fetish Milano event in 2024, we finally got the time to speak with Board Member and Mr Leather Europe 2022 Stevio.

Ep 3 - Discussing Consent and Kink

Dive into the conversation with guests SirHal and Touko discussing the topics of Consent and Kink.

Ep 2 - Kink Censorship & Erasure Online

Join a candid conversation with Alastair Noir on Kink Censorship & Erasure Online.

Ep 1 - Navigating kink in the digital era

In this episode our guests Pup Sugar and Pup Momo talk about their experience navigating kink in the digital era.

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