Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Where can I download Switched?

A: Switched is available as a mobile app via the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store in 71 countries.

Q: Is Switched available as a website?

A: Switched is not currently available as a website. We want to introduce a website version of the app in the future; however, it will take new hires and several months of dedicated work to deliver it. As a small team, sadly, we’re just unable to prioritise this right now. Please consider subscribing to support us so we can work on new features faster, such as this one.

Q: What countries are Switched available in?

A: Switched is available in 5 regions and 71 countries on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Region Country Google Play Store Apple App Store
The United States and Canada (2)
  Canada Yes Yes
  United States Yes Yes
Europe (39)
  Albania Yes Yes
  Austria Yes Yes
  Belarus Yes Yes
  Belgium Yes Yes
  Bosnia and Herzegovina Yes Yes
  Bulgaria Yes Yes
  Croatia Yes Yes
  Cyprus Yes Yes
  Czech Republic Yes Yes
  Denmark Yes Yes
  Estonia Yes Yes
  Finland Yes Yes
  France Yes Yes
  Germany Yes Yes
  Greece Yes Yes
  Hungary Yes Yes
  Iceland Yes Yes
  Ireland Yes Yes
  Italy Yes Yes
  Kosovo --- Yes
  Latvia Yes Yes
  Lithuania Yes Yes
  Luxembourg Yes Yes
  Malta Yes Yes
  Moldova Yes Yes
  Montenegro --- Yes
  Netherlands Yes Yes
  North Macedonia Yes Yes
  Norway Yes Yes
  Poland Yes Yes
  Portugal Yes Yes
  Romania Yes Yes
  Slovakia Yes Yes
  Slovenia Yes Yes
  Spain Yes Yes
  Sweden Yes Yes
  Switzerland Yes Yes
  Türkiye Yes Yes
  United Kingdom Yes Yes
Africa, Middle East, and India (2)
  India Yes Yes
  South Africa Yes Yes
Latin America and the Caribbean (19)
  Argentina Yes Yes
  Bolivia Yes Yes
  Brazil Yes Yes
  Chile Yes Yes
  Colombia Yes Yes
  Costa Rica Yes Yes
  Dominican Republic Yes Yes
  Ecuador Yes Yes
  El Salvador Yes Yes
  Guatemala Yes Yes
  Honduras Yes Yes
  Mexico Yes Yes
  Nicaragua Yes Yes
  Panama Yes Yes
  Paraguay Yes Yes
  Peru Yes Yes
  Trinidad and Tobago Yes Yes
  Uruguay Yes Yes
  Venezuela Yes Yes
Asia Pacific (9)
  Australia Yes Yes
  Hong Kong Yes Yes
  Indonesia Yes Yes
  Japan Yes Yes
  South Korea Yes Yes
  New Zealand Yes Yes
  Philippines Yes Yes
  Singapore Yes Yes
  Thailand Yes Yes

Q: When will Switched be available in new countries?

A: Even though we’d like to make Switched available in new countries, we don’t have a timeline for adding new countries. When making Switched available in a new country, we consider many factors, from legal and regulatory to the number of potential users, the safety of our users, our costs and more. If you’d like to suggest a country, contact support.

Q: How does the algorithm behind the Matches page work?

A: The algorithm behind Matches changes ever so slightly semi-regularly and takes into consideration several factors such as Switched Core matches, profiles we think you may like to start a conversation with regardless of location, the characteristics of profiles you’ve interacted with in the past, the number of profiles around you, and so on. It’s not intended to be exact and clinical but organic and fun.

Q: Why can’t I post links on Switched?

A: Links are a feature that is difficult to manage and get right on social networks and are often exploited for spam/scams. The safety of our users is our top priority. Therefore, given the size of our current team, we’ve decided to remove links altogether whilst we monitor impact and implement safety measures.

Q: Can I buy a subscription directly from you?

A: Unfortunately, not. We don’t offer other payment methods than via the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Q: Are people other than ‘gay men’ welcome on Switched or is the app for ‘gay men’ only?

A: Diversity and Inclusion are two of our core values. All gender identities and sexualities are welcome on but Switched. However, some language and terminology won’t seem relevant to the user (e.g. “Daddy/son” for, say, a lesbian woman). For as much as we’d like to have made the app ready for more sexualities and genders, we’re only a small team, and we must start somewhere. We hope to better welcome users with appropriate language and terminology.

Q: Why can I change my username only twice?

A: This is primarily to prevent username hoarding within the first months since launch. Contact support if you need to change your username again.

Q: Why don’t you have kinks X, Y and Z?

A: We’ve launched the app with 57 kinks, many times higher than most of the apps/websites we’ve seen. The criteria for selecting those 57 kinks are broadly based on (1) how common they are perceived (with a small number of less common ones to see how they fare), (2) that they are appropriate (including abiding by the law and app stores guidelines) and (3) not too many that the complete list of available kinks to choose from overwhelms our users. We will introduce more kinks over time – if you have a suggestion, contact support to let us know.

Q: What languages is the app available in?

A: Switched is currently only available in English. We'd love to make the app available in other languages; however, we may need support from our community to do so. Get in touch via support if you're interested in helping make it happen.

Q: How can I delete my Account?

A: The best way to delete your Account is by going to Settings & Privacy > Account > Delete Account once logged in. Requests done this way are usually handled immediately and remove the user's personal data, as outlined in our Privacy Policy. Please note that once requested, it is impossible to stop or revert the deletion of your Account and your data. Alternatively, you can also request the deletion of your Account and your data by sending us an email to from the email address you've used to create your Account, although processing times can take a little longer.




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